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I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist

What doesn't kill her only makes her stranger

Catherine Groves
17 December 1981

This journal is friends only.

I always love reading new journals, so if you're still eerily attracted to me even after reading my interest list you're welcome to add me and I'll be most likely to add you back. =P

I am 28 and married, 6 cats, no kids and no plans to have any. By profession I'm a nurse but I recently escaped from hospital work (at least for now), and soon I'll be a medical records reviewer for studies and such (hard to describe without being confusing and boring =P).

My big interests are drawing and digital art (check out my deviantart page! Link below), web page design (hoping to get reversewill.com up running sometime in the near future), reading, and video games.

Jaymi and Cathy ~ June 28, 2004


"What does it matter who wins in the parade of life, when the reviewing stand is filled with corpses." -Anton Szandor LaVey

My deviantART page: http://reverse-will.deviantart.com

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